Remove Mold and Secure Your Health

About us

Since we started this business in 1996, we’ve been striving to provide the best mold remediation services and be the best in business. Once our competition grew stronger, we had to improve our methods or advertising as well as mold remediation services and bring them to a whole new level. This is exactly what we’ve done by investing in modern technology and medicine. Nowadays we have the top technology to bring in the battle for mold remediation. Eco-friendly chemicals help us with remaining best in business while being eco-considerate.

Our founder Daniel Samons anticipated the interest of other parties in this business. This is why we started improving our methods, and always went one step ahead of our competition in finding new ways to fight mold. While experience definitely helped us stay on top, our team of highly skilled technicians also did their part so that we can provide the best services worldwide. In time as our business grew, we became highly recognized mold remediation company.

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