Dangers of Mold in your Home

Dangers of Mold in your Home

You probably think that mold isn’t as dangerous as people think it is, and that companies are using mold as another way of selling their mold remediation products. If this is true, you have nothing to fear, but what if they’re actually right? It’s no secret that mold is responsible for many respiratory diseases as well as other health issues generated by poor air quality or problems in the respiratory system. The least you can do is find out exactly how dangerous mold is to your and your family’s health. If you’ve never read an article such as this, you might want to sit down.


Depression and Insomnia



Depresion and Insomnia


These two are actually connected as lack of sleep can cause depression and vice versa. But what causes them? Mold is one of the reasons why depression and Insomnia appear in our lives. To be exact, it’s the poor quality of air infected with spores that make you feel so down or deprives you of sleep. Due to an insufficient amount of clean air, our nervous system tends to act differently, and as a result, our brain starts to think differently as well. This creates room for the birth of negativity, and that’s exactly what keep you in that mood or without sleep.


Low Energy Levels

Another symptom that you have a mold infection is feeling tired and sleepy all the time. If you notice that you or anyone in your family seems a bit slow, make sure that you contact a doctor and try to find a solution. This is a sign that your body is shutting down, and restricting the amount of energy reserved for everyday action and transferring it to fight the infection. Our immune system requires a lot of energy so, our body is giving priority to immune system effectiveness over performing everyday actions.


Headaches and Migraine

Due to the poor quality of air and amount of spores in it released by mold in your house, our body tends to manifest pain as a way of signaling us that something is wrong. Our body is like a machine, as long as it gets everything that it needs to function properly it will do just fine. But the moment we restrict ourselves of our basic fuel like water, clean air or food, it starts to malfunction and signal for help. Mold can create serious headaches and migraines, and as soon as you notice them, you should eliminate mold in your home and contact a doctor.


How to Remove Mold DIY Guide

How to Remove Mold DIY Guide

When it comes to health and safety of your family, there is no amount of money to great for your to spend to make sure that you’ve done everything you can for yours and your family’s health. This is why sometimes we need to take matters into our own hands and secure our home however we can. Mold can create various health problems, and give birth to multiple respiratory diseases as well as other. But what can we do to ensure our home in mold-free? For starters, we can remove it on our own, without calling a mold remediation company, or make sure that it doesn’t appear in the first place. If you do want to find out how to do this, make sure you keep reading.

Safety First

You need to protect yourself before you start removing the mold. As you scrub the mold from a hard surface, it will start to release small particles of it into the air. These small mold bits and specs along with spores can enter your body through the respiratory system. And once they’re there they can do unimaginable damage to your immune system. So get those mask, and make sure that you remove from the premises anyone who is allergic to mold and spores or dust in general.

Protect yourself


Removing the Mold

First, you need to get rid of the existing mold in your home. Get some sandpaper or if the problem is too much to handle, use harder abrasive and apply it to wall scrubbing machine. You can get them in any store, but being that they are costly to make sure that the problem is great enough that you require wall scrubbing machine.



Now that you’ve removed all or at least most of the mold in your house, you need to apply a special type of chemical that will kill the rest of it and prevent it from multiplying. You can get this mixture in any store, but make sure that it is eco-friendly and in regulations with the SODT. The best way to go about it is to get a sprinkler bottle and apply generously on those walls. Once you’re sure that you’ve covered every inch of that wall you can continue to step next.

Mold kiling primer


Final Layer

Adding a protective layer may sound similar to the preventive layer, but trust me you need to do this final step to ensure your safety. Ask for this mixture at any better-equipped hardware store or dye house. Use a brush and apply this paint as you would any other. This protective layer captures any remaining mold in between layers. Not only that but it also prevents mold from entering the wall. Humid weather can give birth to mold easily, but now that you’ve done everything you can not only to remove it but also to prevent it from generating, you’ll have nothing to fear.


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